Succinct update on SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS from Josh Trank

Shadow of the Colossus Josh Trank update

Following the success of his low-budget superhero thriller, Chronicle director Josh Trank was a much in demand commodity in Tinseltown.  In short order, he signed up to direct a Venom movie for Sony, a Fantastic Four reboot for Fox and the Shadow of the Colossus movie, also for Sony.  Discerning movie fans were quick to point out that Trank’s schedule was very full, perhaps too full and recently it was revealed that Trank would not be directing Venom for Sony.  However, it appears Trank is still developing Shadow of the Colossus for the tech conglomerate, providing this quick update to Edge-Online.  “I can’t talk about it, but I’ll say just one thing,” said Trank.  “I got Ico as soon as it came out, and I just loved that game so much. I knew immediately when I read that [Team Ico was] making a new [game] that I wanted to go out and get it as soon as it came out, too, and it just blew me the fuck away. A couple of years later, I remember seeing in Variety that it had been optioned. I must have been 22 or something, and I just knew, ‘Oh my God, if somebody’s doing that, I have to somehow get in there and make sure it’s done the right way.’ It was one of the first calls I made after Chronicle came out – when I realized I could make calls about things. I was like, ‘Hey, what’s going on with that?’ We’re working on it.”  That’s all Trank could share on Shadow of the Colossus specifically, but he did tackle a couple of larger questions pertaining to the video game and film industry.  

Recently, there was a big internet to-do about an article comparing Grand Theft Auto V game sales to movie box office totals, which in itself, was a response to earlier articles which claimed that video games had surpassed movies as the largest entertainment industry. Trank doesn’t get into box office numbers with Edge-Online, but he does talk about the story-telling advancements made in video games and whether they could ever challenge films, in a narrative sense.  “No, I don’t think so. I think that games are doing their own thing. I don’t think it’s a question of better, because it’s just a different experience. A lot of big sci-fi movies – and I won’t say any particular movies – are made with an awareness of the popularity of videogames, and therefore borrow so [many] of the design and visual ideas from those games. I’m like, “Man, that looks like Mass Effect. Those look like Mass Effect suits.” And that is not at all original or different. I also feel there’s a creative drought in Hollywood right now, because most of the young guys who would come in and be the next young, big directors are all in the videogame industry. I think if the game industry had been what it is now in the ’80s, a lot of those great Amblin [Entertainment] directors and people from that era would have been in games, too.”

And on a fun note, Trank also revealed his favorite video game of all time, (one I can’t help but agree with, although Final Fantasy VII will always have a special place in my heart).  “I would say my favourite videogame of all time is Suikoden II on PlayStation,” said Trank.  “It was one of those games that made a huge epic promise on the box, and then it totally fucking delivered in every way. The game box itself advertised on the front ‘108 totally unique characters’, and I swear to God there are 108 totally unique characters. The score in that game, and in each of the individual towns, is just the best music ever. “

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