Dcode Films releases live-action DEUS EX short

live-action Deus ex web series Machinima and DCode

In the year 2000, Eidos Interactive published the action role-playing game Deus Ex for the PC. The game was critically acclaimed and has since spawned three sequels that have been released on a multitude of platforms, with the latest being last year’s Deux Ex: The Fall. Outside of video games though, the third game in the series (Deus Ex: Human Revolution) inspired merchandise such as comic books, a novel, merchandise and most importantly, the announcement of an upcoming live-action movie being produced by CBS Films.

While we wait for the full theatrical outing, the production company, ┬áDcode Films has treated us to their own 12-minute short-film based on the same game as CBS’ upcoming feature, titled Deus Ex Short. While it is based on the game, the short film takes some liberties with the narrative but still manages to stay true to the obstacles Adam Jensen faces when trying to adapt to his new reality, as well as his relationship with Megan Reed, a scientist who was hand picked by Serif Industries to head their Cybernetic Augmentations. She’s also Adam’s ex-girlfriend.

About Dcode Films
Dcode Films is a film production company based in Miami, United States which was founded by Moe Charif, who has been pursuing his lifelong dream of film-making ever since he graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts in 2003. Moe Charif started with small projects and short films until he directed and produced the 30-minute fantasy drama “Never Winter” in 2008. The film was screened at over forty film festivals worldwide, which saw the director and his film receive critical acclaim, nominations and awards. To date, Moe Charif’s career has taken him to over fifty cities in over thirty countries with clients including Turner Broadcasting, TNT, Ritz Carlton, Epson, Royal Caribbean, Machinima, HTV and Bridger Conway.

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